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 What A Application Should Look Like..

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PostSubject: What A Application Should Look Like..   Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:43 pm



First Name: Matt
Email: Matt@younotgettingit.co.uk
MSN: Matt@yournotgettingit.co.uk
Fortex Alias/Name: Alupe
Positition(s) Wanted: HabboX, Packet Logger, Blogger, Support
& General Enquiries, Accountants, Special Forces Team, Spell
Checker, News Reporter, Forum Moderator
Why Do You Want This: Becuase im urgeing for that power soon all
to be mine mwuhahahahaha lol jks Razz Becuase i want to help out Fatal
around and about, im also helping by soon to be giving 3 as a donation
also i would like to do all of these because it gives me a
responsibility to do and an AIM and you should always be AIM-ing in
life so this is basically helping me in real life too, so i want all of
these jobs, obvisouly not at the same time, but i will do abit of
everything. when and as much as i can.
How Long in Hours Do You Spend On Fortex Daily Usually: About
14-16 hours lol wow that sounds alot, thats on weekends and school
breaks from 7am-11pm and on school days about 6-7 hours thats from
Why Do You LIke Fatal: Because it gives me something to do in
my spare time, and since i have alot of it, i may aswell use it to not
just PLAY Fatal but to also help it and put my back and neck into it,
which i actually do becuase looking at the screen all day does really
hurt my back and neck lol and also it has a GREAT owner and im proud as
it is to be apart of this Fatal community, and i dont care if i dont
get these jobs lol becuase im still apart of Fatal community and i
have the right to appect Job applications so ill just accept mine
anyway lol Jking, even tho im an Admin i have all these Jobs anyway, im
only posting it to give you an IDEA of what to type, i see most people
just say "oh it's a great sever and i wanna job" lol thats not gonna
get you in, u need something that catches their eye and thats
intresting to read.
Describe the Type of Person You Are in a WAFFLEshell:
Can i describe myself in a Waffle shell insead? k thanks let me change
it, Right well i dont have a waffleshell becuase i ate it
idolikewaffles, doyoulikewaffles? and even in a nutshell i couldnt
describe myself becuase if i was in a nutshell il'd be cramped up and,
to be honest im all over the place im so random and so weird and
ilikewaffles and Trains go choo choo but other than that im really
boring i hate myself and i love fortex lol
Server: Fata; Retro! Why yes it is
Application Code: #13APR-0400-8216-RTBY-ACMT - WTF is that
================================================== ===================>

I done this application to give you an IDEA of what to type, DO NOT
copy 1 word of it, just make it your own and if you copy you will be
added onto the blacklist for jobs, meaning you will never get a job.

You see now thats what i can an application... not this

First Name: Bobby
Email: Bobby@blahblah.com
MSN: Bobby@lhfgsdlhj.co.uk
Fortex Alias/Name: Bobbyjimshooman
Positition Wanted: Habbo X
Why Do You Want This: Becuase it looks fun and i like server
How Long in Hours Do You Spend On Fortex Daily Usually: 9-10
Why Do You LIke Fortex: becuase it;s a great server and all people are fun
Describe the Type of Person You Are in a Nutshell: im funny, kind and smart
Server: Fortex Retro!
Application Code: #13APR-0400-8216-RTBY-ACMT

That is the application i expect from a 4 year old, you can do better than that.

Good Luck
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What A Application Should Look Like..
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