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 Job Templates

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PostSubject: Job Templates   Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:40 pm

This was written 14/02/07 by ADMINAlupe
The site is becoming so full and stressful for me. So i've decided to rewrite the jobs list, so here it is:
> Web Developers - Updates the site
> ASP.NET Developers (VB.Net only) - Web programming like the panels
> VB 6 Developers - Visual Basic 6 - Server Development
> Habbo X's - Help new users and passout information
> Deejays - People who stream on the radio music (Not right now)

If you want to become a Hobba, Moderator or an Administrator you need to become a Habbo X
first. Then when you are you work your self up. Beware we will not hire
people who just want autority/power (i refer to these people as power
hungary who just want to rule the hotel and dont care about the
community). I need a team of trusty people who will not abuse their
powers, regually go on the server and forum and actually care about the
community and hand out information like cookies

To become a member of staff do the following:

First Name:
IP Address: (we can do this for you lol)
Name on Fatal:
Postition Wanted:
How would you contribute:
Describe your self in a nutshell:
What role would you play: (eg assistant or sectary)

Once this is filled in post it as a new thread in this section called
Jobs do not post below because i wont read it lol. Yeah you down there
i see you

Coming Soon!
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Job Templates
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