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 FHC Infomation!

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PostSubject: FHC Infomation!   Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:38 am

Fatal Club is the official exclusives members only club, which is
homed to only the coolest members belong to. FatalHabbo Club isn't free
to join, however the cost per-month to become a member is very low, and
for the amount of features you receive, it's well worth the cost!

As a Fatal Club Member, you will gain alot more features then a
regular member. To view what features you will be able to have access
to, simply view the image below which contains some of our most popular

In addition to the above features, you also get the following Extra Features for your forum account.

<li> The ability to move, lock and unlock your own threads.
</li><li> Send and Recive up to 100 private messages.
</li><li> The ability to set yourself as invisible. [Feture Coming Soon!]
</li><li> Able to change your username upon request.
</li><li> Access to the Forum Shoutbox, and exclusive forums.
</li><li> See who has given you reputation points.
</li><li> Your own subforum, where you are the moderator.

There are several differant colours of Fatal Club to choose from,
and the only differance between the colours, is the fact that the
colour you choose to purchase, is the colour your username will become.
You can purchase FatalHabbo Club in the following colours:

</li><li> Red
</li><li> Blue
</li><li> Pink
</li><li> Orange
</li><li> Turqouise

In addition to the usual colours you can purchase, there are often
special coloured usernames available at special events, such as
christmas, halloween and easter.</li>

Dont answer to PM's Unless Regarding Importent Infomation.

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FHC Infomation!
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