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 The Fatal Way

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PostSubject: The Fatal Way   Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:26 am

The Fatal Way
Official Fatal Hotel Rules

You Must NOT:
• Use ANY Hacking, Scripting or Editing Program within the Hotel
• Steal other Habbo’s Credits or furniture
• Describe sexual acts to other Habbos
• Pester people who don't want to talk to you
• Swear or use sexually graphic terms or be racist
• Ask other Habbos for their password, email addresses or other personal information
• Type your password anywhere except in the 'Check In' box on www.habbohotel.co.uk
• Give away, trade or sell your Habbo account
• Break the law in the Hotel or talk others into breaking it

You Should:
• Have fun!
• Hang out with your friends
• Make new friends
• Respect other people's views and beliefs

Dont answer to PM's Unless Regarding Importent Infomation.

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The Fatal Way
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